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Important Instructions about Chat Room Operation

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Important Instructions:

  • Chat Room Commands

Basic Features:

1) Joining a chat room

How to join a chat room: To join a chat room, enter your user-name or handle into the "Name" field in the Login screen and click on "Join" or press <enter>. NOTE: A password is NOT required to Talk Back to Dr. B.

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2) Communicating with Others

Public Chat:
Once connected, you will be able to chat with other users by simply typing a message into the field at the bottom of the screen and pressing <Enter> on your computer. Any message you type will be sent to ALL users unless you select a specific user, from the user list.

Private Chat:
To send a private message to a particular user, select the user’s name from the user list. The Private box will automatically be highlighted. Only the select users will see the message (you will notice that your name and the name of the recipient with be enclosed in double quotes, indicating that you have sent a private message). To switch from Private chat to Public chat mode, simply select the All Users entry from the user list.

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3) Forums: x

This feature allows the user to join other chat rooms. When pressed, a list of all publicly available active chat rooms is shown. Simply, select the forum name from the list and select Jump to Forum (which will switch you automatically to the other forum) or Jump to Web page, which will open a new browser window and load the remote page containing the desired chat room.

Note: x is replaced by the number of active forums - Private forums are counted but will not be displayed in the list of available chat rooms.

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4) Clear

Erases the Chat area box.

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5) Invite a friend or colleague to join you in a chat room.

Simply submit the following line in the chat room (just as if you were sending a message to someone else in the chat room):

/invite:Friend Email,Your Name
For example: /,Kate

This is will prompt the system to sent an invitation e-mail to the specified user, describing the chat room and specifying the exact URL where the chat room is located.

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Advanced Features:

1) View info

View users’ personal statement (information entered by a user describing the user's hobbies, physical description and more see personal info). Select a user name from the user list, and click on "view info" to view that user’s personal info.

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2) View homepage

This allows you to load another user’s homepage (if one is specified by that user). Select a user’s name fromthe user list, and click on "view homepage" to view that user’s homepage. Double-clicking on a user's name in the user list will also display the user's home page. When you load a user’s homepage you will be logged out of the chat room.

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3) Page user

Once you select a user from the user list, you can click "page user" to beep that user; they will hear a musical sound if they have speakers; a note will also appear on the chatroom screen to let you know that the user was paged.

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4) Navigate Internet

If you wish to continue surfing the Internet while chatting, you can use this feature. Click on ‘surf’ and an additional browsing window will be opened at the Multisoft homepage.

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5) Personal info

Allows a user to type in their own information such as hobbies, physical description and more. Other users can view this information by clicking on "view info", while selecting a user name from the user list.

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6) Show broadcast message

When this is not checked, messages sent to ALL users are NOT displayed - only private messages will be shown. This allows less text to appear on your chatroom screen.

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7) Sound

When this is not checked a user will not hear sounds created by the chatroom, such as the paging sound.

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8) Float

Use applet in floating window, a window that can be moved and resized on the user's terminal screen. This is suggested for optimum viewing.

Note: Loading another HTML page will automatically log-you off the Chat Area. If you wish to continue surfing the Internet while chatting, we recommend to click on the "Navigate Internet" command in the "advanced" menu.

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